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Focus Łódź

Łąkowa 23, Łódź

Parking Focus Hotel Łódź

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A digital parking lot at Focus Hotel Łódź is a place that will respond to the needs of the most demanding drivers. Competitive price, 24-hour monitoring, location in the city center, a reserved parking space with subscribtions via digitalparking.city and quick mobile payments with NaviPay without even reaching for your wallet – all of this, thanks to digital NaviParking solutions, is now available at the parking lot of Focus Hotel Łódź. In the area there are many popular places, such as Galeria Łódzka, Manufaktura, Pasaż Łódzki, theaters, philharmonic hall, as well as many restaurants, pubs and cafes. The parking lot at Focus Hotel Łódź is a great option for both locals and visitors who value comfort and safety.

  • 96 outdoor parking spaces monitored 24/7
  • great location in the heart of the city (in vicinity of shopping and service centers, public transport and tourist attractions)
  • short-term reservations of parking spaces (from 5 PLN/h) and long-term subscriptions (40 PLN/24h)
  • modern way of parking your car: with mobile payments and without any paper tickets or waiting in the checkout line
  • Do you have any additional questions? Call the number: (+48) 519 879 211

Reserve up to couple hours

The given dates and times refer to the time zone related to the location of the parking lot
Price: from 5 PLN

Need a parking space for a longer stay?

The rule is simple - the longer you stay, the lower the rate per day of parking will be. Just specify the length of the stopover or choose one of the available packages.

Pakiet miesięczny OFFICE pon-pt 7:00-17:00

100 PLN (30 days)

You save 1100 PLN!

Pakiet konferencyjny (2 dni)

80 PLN (2 days)

Pakiet weekendowy (3 dni)

120 PLN (3 days)

Pakiet tygodniowy (7 dni)

180 PLN (7 days)

You save 100 PLN!

Pakiet 14 dniowy

210 PLN (14 days)

You save 350 PLN!

Pakiet miesięczny (30 dni)

250 PLN (30 days)

You save 950 PLN!

How to use the carpark step by step

  • 1Download the NaviPay application

    Download and install the NaviPay application, available in google play and app store.

  • 2Create an account in the application

    Go through the account registration, providing the necessary data and license plate numbers. You can speed up the process by linking your account to your google or facebook account.

  • 3Drive to the parking barrier

    In the NaviPay application you can quickly check the nearest parking lot along with its availability and price. After reaching the place, drive to the barrier and the ANPR camera will read the license plates you provided and open it, starting the parking transaction. You don't have to take your phone out of your pocket - it's that simple!

  • 4Pay for parking in the app

    If you want to end parking, pay conveniently in the NaviPay application and leave the parking lot without contact. The barrier will open automatically as soon as you approach it.

  • 5In case of problems with entering or leaving ...

    ... use an alternative method provided in the app. Most often it will be a code available in the QR application, which should be scanned in our marked reader, located next to the ticket machine.

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