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Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka

Dzieci Polskich 20, Warsaw

Parking Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka Warszawa

The digital Children's Health Center Parking Lot located in the largest and most modern children's hospital in Poland is now available for users of the NaviPay mobile application. The facility with 750 parking spaces is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and is equipped with digital parking solution.
  • Available 24/7
  • From PLN 6/hour and PLN 60/day
  • Arrival and departure only with the NaviPay application!

How to use the parking lot step by step

  • 1Download the NaviPay application

    Download and install the NaviPay application, available in google play and app store.

  • 2Create an account in the application

    Go through the account registration, providing the necessary data and license plate numbers. You can speed up the process by linking your account to your google or facebook account.

  • 3Drive to the parking barrier

    In the NaviPay application you can quickly check the nearest parking lot along with its availability and price. After reaching the place, drive to the barrier and collect a parking ticket. The barrier will open automatically after you collect the ticket.

  • 4Scan the ticket in NaviPay

    In the application on the selected parking lot, click on the ticket scanning option, which will open the QR code scanner view. Scan the ticket, remembering about the appropriate lighting - in case of problems, you can use the flashlight. After a successful scan, the parking transaction will start automatically.

  • 5Pay for parking in the app

    If you want to end parking, pay conveniently in the NaviPay application and leave the parking lot without contact.

  • 6In case of problems with entering or leaving ...

    ... use an alternative method provided in the app.

Need more information?

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Regardless of whether you are looking to park your vehicle for longer or just a moment, the Digital Parking Lot at the Children's Memorial Health Institute in Warsaw is an excellent choice. The parking lot is located near the medical center that combines medical, rehabilitation, scientific and training services. The safe and convenient parking lot of the Children's Memorial Health Institute is the best place you can leave your car to visit your relatives, go for an appointment at a doctor and take care of all important matters. The Children's Memorial Health Institute Digital Parking Lot is also an ideal alternative for residents of Międzylesie and Wawer, employees of the Institute, as well as researchers, patients, their families, and guests visiting the Children's Memorial Health Institute. You can park here safely, taking advantage of advanced technological solutions and the comfort of digital parking. What do you gain from digital parking? First and foremost, the convenience and quickness ensured by the ability to scan a parking ticket in a mobile application, the digital version of the parking ticket on your phone and the ability to pay for parking with one click in the application. It is a highly advanced technological solution in your smartphone, thanks to which, even in a hurry, you can do everything with a few clicks so you can focus on more important matters. This solution has been sought after by drivers for a long time, and it's available today in the parking lot of the Children's Memorial Health Institute!

Children's Memorial Health Institute Warsaw – guarded parking lot

To enter the parking lot, take a ticket as usual and conveniently park in one of the available spaces. Scan the paper ticket in the application, so you do not have to worry about losing or forgetting it somewhere. You will have it on your phone, and the app will measure the time of your parking stay. You do not have to go to the cash register before leaving the parking lot. You will pay for your stay with the NaviPay application with one click! No need to pay with cash or search for change. After paying for the electronic ticket in the application, scan your digital ticket in the reader at the parking lot exit – the parking barrier will open automatically. Using the NaviPay application at the Children's Memorial Health Institute Digital Parking creates a contactless parking process that limits contact with the parking service and external infrastructures, such as buttons or touch screens, ensuring a high level of safety for all parking users, not only during a pandemic. Safe and quick parking is essential when caring for the health of your loved ones comes into play. The parking lot at the Children's Memorial Health Institute in Warsaw gives you peace of mind because you can book your parking space in advance. Particularly noteworthy are special subscriptions, which will allow you to save on frequent visits to the facility or its vicinity. Take advantage of our parking lot and focus on what is important. We invite you to use the Digital Parking Lot at the Children's Memorial Health Institute with the possibility of entering: Parking 1 from Aleja Dzieci Polskich (Entrance A), Parking 2 from Turniejowa Street (Entrance B) and Przedwiośnie Street (Entrance D)


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