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IBIS Warszawa Stare Miasto

Muranowska 2, Warsaw

See the pricelist
See the pricelist

Parking IBIS Warszawa Stare Miasto

IBIS Warszawa Stare Miasto digital parking lot is a guarded facility located close to the Old Town, near boulevard fountains, and to the Polonia sports club stadium. It is an ideal location for tourists who want to visit Warsaw without staying overnight in the city. The hotel has an underground, multi-storey and covered parking lot with 75 parking spaces. Parking is available to all visitors without the need to use other hotel services. The digital Ibis Warszawa parking lot Stare Miasto also offers the possibility of booking a parking space in advance, so you can always be sure of the availability of a parking spot.
  • Available 24/7
  • From 7 PLN/h
  • Reservations and subscriptions soon
  • Entry and exit only with the NaviPay application

Reserve up to couple hours

The given dates and times refer to the time zone related to the location of the parking lot
Price: from 7 PLN

Need a parking space for a longer stay?

The rule is simple – the longer you stay, the lower the rate per day of parking will be. Just specify the length of the stopover or choose one of the available packages.

Pakiet dobowy

75 PLN

Pakiet 2-dniowy

150 PLN

Pakiet weekendowy

225 PLN

Pakiet 30 dniowy

650 PLN

You save 1600 PLN!

How to use the parking lot step by step

  • 1Download the NaviPay application

    Download and install the NaviPay application, available in google play and app store.

  • 2Create an account in the application

    Go through the account registration, providing the necessary data and license plate numbers. You can speed up the process by linking your account to your google or facebook account.

  • 3Drive to the parking barrier

    In the NaviPay application you can quickly check the nearest parking lot along with its availability and price. After reaching the destination, drive the barrier as close as possible, and then open it via the application. The parking transaction will begin.

  • 4Pay for parking in the app

    If you want to finish your parking, pay conveniently in the NaviPay application and leave the parking lot without contact. The barrier should be opened in the same way as when entering.

  • 5In case of problems with entering or leaving ...

    ... use an alternative method provided in the app. It is usually a QR code that should be scanned in our marked reader, located next to the ticket machine

Need more information?

Check out our Knowledge Base
To access the Ibis Warsaw Old Town Digital Parking Lot, download the NaviPay application. Before arriving at the parking lot, the NaviPay mobile application allows you to check parking lot occupancy and the current number of available spaces in real-time. The application also enables precise navigation from anywhere to the Ibis Warsaw Old Town Digital Parking Lot. Entry and payment for the Digital Parking Lot take place on your smartphone. Upon arrival at the parking lot, you enter the parking lot quickly and easily and with the NaviPay application, you automatically raise the parking barrier with one click on your phone. When leaving the parking lot, you can conveniently pay in the application, having various payment methods available to choose from. There is no need to get out of the car, open your car window or wait in lines. Zero paper tickets, 100% convenience. All you need is your smartphone. Parking in the center of Warsaw is a challenge. It always means extra time and kilometres spent looking for a place to leave your car. What if a safe place in the center of Warsaw was waiting for your vehicle in the prestigious location where Ibis Warsaw Old Town is located? And you could check the availability of the Ibis Warsaw Old Town Digital Parking Lot in real-time on your smartphone? And paying for the parking ticket was possible with one click? Digital Parking is an idea that will make you stop contemplating trying it. It is a highly advanced technological solution for your smartphone. You can be sure that by using it, you will save time looking for a parking space in the center of Warsaw. This solution has been sought after by drivers for a long time – available today at the Ibis Warsaw Old Town parking lot! Don't waste time looking for a parking lot in Warsaw. Park at the correct address. Parking lot in the Old Town in Warsaw For all drivers for whom parking efficiency is important, we have made 75 parking spaces available at the Ibis Warsaw Old Town multi-storey digital parking lot, located in an attractive downtown location. The implemented solutions in the sector of intelligent parking allow you to check the availability of parking spaces in the Ibis Warsaw Old Town parking lot in real-time, which saves time and gives you the certainty of an available parking space to leave your car. To enter the parking lot, take a ticket as usual and conveniently park in one of the available spaces. Scan the paper ticket in the application, so you do not have to worry about losing or forgetting it somewhere. You will have it on your phone, and the app will measure the time of your parking stay. Access to the Ibis Warsaw Old Town parking lot is fully automatic. When you return to take your car, simply scan the digital ticket from the app in the reader at the exit. Instead of going to the cash register, you will pay for your stay with the NaviPay application with just one click! So there is no need to pay with cash or search for loose change in your pocket. After paying for the electronic ticket in the application, the parking barrier will open automatically. The Ibis Warsaw Old Town parking lot gives you the guarantee of an available parking space in the very center of Warsaw. Warsaw Old Town – where to park? The inquiry "Warsaw Old Town – where to park" is one of the most frequently typed search terms in internet search engines. Meanwhile, the Ibis Warsaw Parking Lot is at your fingertips. It is there that you can leave your car safely and go to work, arrange errands, explore the area or meet your friends. Our parking lot in the Old Town of Warsaw is the perfect solution for everyday use, as well as for one-off trips to the capital. Check it out yourself!


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