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Legia Warszawa

ul. Łazienkowska 3, Warsaw


Legia Warszawa

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Please be informed that due to technical reasons the reservations made during football competitions will be canceled and money paid refunded.
Digital parking lot at the Legia Warszawa stadium is an excellent choice for drivers who appreciate leaving their cars in a safe space in the city center. The parking lot is located in the vicinity of e.g. Torwar, the Royal Łazienki Park and the Vistula Boulevards. Drivers have at their disposal 779 monitored parking spaces available from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM. Customers can reserve parking spaces online at digitalparking.city or enter the parking lot using the NaviPay application.
Before arriving, check the availability of parking spaces and current events in the area at digitalparking.city/legia.

  • Reservations available only on non-match days
  • Before arriving, check the availability of the parking lot and current events in the area at cyfrowyparking.pl/legia
  • Parking available from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM
  • Prices: 4 PLN per hour, on days of sports events (excluding days of Legia matches): 30 PLN for the duration of the event
  • Parking spots reservations via digitalparking.city, cashless payments with the NaviPay application

Reserve up to couple hours

The given dates and times refer to the time zone related to the location of the parking lot
Price: from 4 PLN

Need a parking space for a longer stay?

The rule is simple - the longer you stay, the lower the rate per day of parking will be. Just specify the length of the stopover or choose one of the available packages.

Plan Jednodniowy

61.50 PLN (1 days)

Plan Tygodniowy

295 PLN (7 days)

You save 135 PLN!

Plan Miesięczny

443 PLN (30 days)

You save 1402 PLN!

Pakiet specjalny (poza meczami, ważny od 2h przed rozpoczęciem i do 2h po zakończeniu wydarzenia)

30 PLN (1 days)

You save 31 PLN!

How to use the parking lot step by step

  • 1Download the NaviPay application

    Download and install the NaviPay application, available in google play and app store.

  • 2Create an account in the application

    Go through the account registration, providing the necessary data and license plate numbers. You can speed up the process by linking your account to your google or facebook account.

  • 3Drive to the parking barrier

    In the NaviPay application, you can quickly check the nearest parking lot along with its availability and price. After reaching the place, drive to the barrier and collect the parking ticket. The barrier will open automatically after collecting the ticket.

  • 4Scan the ticket or enter the license plate number in NaviPay

    In the application at the selected car park, click on the ticket scanning option, which will open the view of the QR code scanner. Scan the ticket remembering about the appropriate lighting - in case of problems you can use a flashlight. After a successful scan, the parking transaction will start automatically. You can also, at any time before leaving, click the "check status" button visible in the selected parking lot in the NaviPay application. If you have license plates entered in your profile, your parking transaction details will be shown.

  • 5Pay for parking in the app

    If you want to end parking, pay conveniently in the NaviPay application and leave the parking lot without contact. The barrier will open automatically as soon as you approach it.

  • 6In case of problems with departure…

    … scan the QR code on the ticket.

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Where to park in Warsaw? If you are planning to visit the area of the Legia Warszawa stadium, we have the perfect solution for you. A guarded parking lot with digital solutions from Naviparking is located at the Legia Warszawa stadium, giving the possibility of convenient parking in a strategic location in the capital of Poland. The location of this parking lot is extremely attractive for people who intend to spend time near the Legia Warszawa stadium. Popular attractions such as Łazienki Królewskie, the Torwar concert hall and the picturesque Vistula Boulevards are located in the close vicinity of the facility. Thanks to this, even without the intention of participating in sport events, the parking space is a great base for sightseeing and exploring the area. The digital parking lot at the Legia Warszawa stadium is distinguished by its qualities that are important for every demanding driver. Firstly, the parking lot is covered, which means that the parked vehicle will be protected from adverse weather conditions. Secondly, the parking lot offers 779 parking spaces, which are monitored 24 hours a day, ensuring maximum security. What's more, the parking lot received a number of digital amenities designed and implemented by Naviparking. As a result, parking spaces can be booked online for both short and long periods on the digitalparking.city portal. This solution not only saves the drivers’ time, but also ensures the possibility of parking in the chosen place and time. When it comes to payments, drivers no longer have to worry about having cash when entering the parking lot. The NaviPay application from Naviparking allows you to make payments using a mobile device. As a result, while booking a spot via our website, traditional paper tickets are replaced by their virtual and ecological counterparts. We encourage you to use our digital parking lot at the Legia Warszawa stadium: it is not only a convenient and safe place to leave your vehicle, but also a perfectly located facility in the heart of the city. You no longer have to wonder where to park near the Legia Warszawa stadium: our digital parking lot is the place where you can enjoy the highest quality of parking services.


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