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Wola Center

Przyokopowa 33, Warsaw

See the pricelist
See the pricelist

Parking Warsaw Wola Center

The digital parking lot at Warsaw Wola Center is located in the heart of the bustling Wola district of Warsaw, Poland. It is situated in close proximity to several major landmarks, including Rondo Daszyńskiego, the Warsaw Uprising Museum, and business area with buildings such as Warsaw Spire, Proximo, the Warsaw Hub. The parking lot features a cutting-edge digital system that makes it a convenient option for drivers who are looking to avoid the hassle of searching for a parking spot and dealing with traditional payment methods. In addition to its convenient location and advanced technology, the digital parking lot also offers a high level of security, with 24-hour surveillance and secure entry and exit points. Come to the digital parking lot at Warsaw Wola Center and enjoy a practical and user-friendly option for drivers who need a reliable and secure place to park in one of the busiest areas of Warsaw.

  • convenient location in the Wola business district in Warsaw
  • close proximity to public transport, tourist attractions and shopping areas
  • touchless entry to and exit from the parking lot
  • 24/7 monitoring system at the facility

Reserve up to couple hours

The given dates and times refer to the time zone related to the location of the parking lot
Price: from 7 PLN

Need a parking space for a longer stay?

The rule is simple - the longer you stay, the lower the rate per day of parking will be. Just specify the length of the stopover or choose one of the available packages.

1 dzień

70 PLN (1 days)

Pakiet 2-dniowy

130 PLN (2 days)

You save 10 PLN!

Pakiet 3-dniowy

180 PLN (3 days)

You save 30 PLN!

How to use the parking lot step by step

  • 1Download the NaviPay application

    Download and install the NaviPay application, available in google play and app store.

  • 2Create an account in the application

    Go through the account registration, providing the necessary data and license plate numbers. You can speed up the process by linking your account to your google or facebook account.

  • 3Drive to the parking barrier

    In the NaviPay application you can quickly check the nearest parking lot along with its availability and price. After reaching the place, drive to the barrier and the ANPR camera will read the license plates you provided and open it.

  • 4Check parking status in the app

    At any time before departure, click on the "check status" button visible in the selected parking lot in the NaviPay application. If you have entered a license plate in your profile, it will show details of the parking transaction.

  • 5Pay for parking in the app

    If you want to end parking, pay conveniently in the NaviPay application and leave the parking lot without contact. The barrier will open automatically as soon as you approach it.

  • 6In case of problems with entering or leaving ...

    ... use an alternative method provided in the app. It will be a traditional parking lot where you can pay for your parking lot.

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Where to park in the center of Warsaw? The Digital Parking Wola Center is the perfect solution for drivers seeking a safe and convenient parking spot in the bustling Wola district in Warsaw. Located in proximity to key landmarks such as Warsaw Spire, Warsaw Uprising Museum, and Złote Tarasy shopping center, it offers an excellent option for those visiting these popular places. Our parking stands out with a modern digital system that eliminates the challenges associated with finding parking spaces and traditional payment methods. This allows drivers to enjoy easy and convenient access, saving time and stress. The safety of our parking is a priority. We provide monitoring services 24 hours a day, ensuring the protection of vehicles and peace of mind for users. Additionally, the contactless entry and exit system make parking not only secure but also convenient. We invite you to take advantage of our digital parking at Warsaw Wola Center, combining an excellent location, modern technologies, and a high standard of safety. It's a practical and user-friendly option for drivers who want to park their vehicles peacefully in one of the busiest areas of Warsaw. Discover the comfort of parking with Digital Parking Wola Center today!


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